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Posted on Holiday Wishes

A little bit about myself: I'm a huge nerd, as well as geek - extremely proud of this fact. I design costumes and work for a company that produces replicas from really awesome sci-fi shows. I am originally from New York City. I moved to Austin for University and stayed because I started a charity, Austin Browncoats, that works to end violence and discrimination worldwide. We do so through supporting other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations by fundraising, volunteering, marketing - really, anything we can do to help.

My favorite part of this process is getting to send a little gift to so many wonderful people in this community! I've become known as a tea gal, because I always fulfill tea wishes, so if you have a love for loose leaf tea and I haven't responded to you, let me know. I'll send out some tea. I custom blend loose leaf teas based on characters, places and themes from Joss Whedon productions - and all proceeds go to charity, as well! (Tea is so great for you!)

1. Support my charity, Austin Browncoats
There are so many ways someone can help a small, grassroots charity like mine. You can join our forums and become an active member, donate monetarily or even donate items we can raffle or auction. You can even purchase items we sell with proceeds going to charity. Find out more at www.austinbrowncoats.org, or www.whedonwares.com (our online store).

2. Art Supplies
Stickers, paper, brads, markers, pencils, beads - anything that can be used for arts and crafts projects. My charity will be hosting a booth at a new renaissance festival, and part of what we'll be selling is going to be arts and crafts items made by kids for kids. Anything you can supply would be so helpful! We are just starting out, so we'll accept just about anything right now.

3. Fabric, Yarn, Buttons
I design costumes, so any spare fabric or buttons, zippers, thread, etc., you have lying around would be amazingly helpful. We also knit items for charity, such as Jayne hats (from Firefly) and Kaylee beanies (our own design), so any yarn you have lying around would be awesome, as well. Needles are always helpful, too. And if you knit and would like to help support our charity, we're always looking for knitters!

4. Jewelry, Odds and Ends
I collect earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and more! Costume jewelry, funky, clunky stuff. The odder, the better. I love DIY projects, especially when bits and bobs are quirky. If you have weird jewelry lying around that you'd never wear, send it my way. I'm sure I can find a use for it. We also make bottlecap jewelry, so if you have really awesome bottlecaps, send them my way, as well. If you have eyepins, headpins, beads, etc., that you're not using, we could use them, as well. We sell all kinds of jewelry for charity!

5. Watches, Clocks, Keys, Chains - oh my!
One of my favorite costuming genres right now is Steampunk. If you have old keys, locks, watches, clocks that you don't need, send them my way. I'll make something fun and funky out of them. Old chains, bracelets, brooches, and haircombs are welcome, as well. Truly, anything old and funky, especially in brass, will work. I can always work it into a costume or jewelry piece. Old coins, as well, will work!

6. Purses and Bags
This one is purely for me - I collect purses and bags of all kinds. I use them for costuming, as well as personal use. If you have a purse or bag lying around that just doesn't suit you or doesn't get any use, let me take it off your hands and do something fun with it...or love it just the way it is! Old, vintage purses would be a great find, as well. Even things that you have that aren't thought of as purses...but could be made into one - that would be perfect, too!

7. Skulls
I collect things with Skulls on them. Always have - I think I was a pirate in a past life! Shirts, bags, books, paper goods, jewelry - you name it, I collect it.

8. Costume Make-up
Any and all fun make-up would be awesome. We're always looking for new and interesting make-up to use for costumes, whether they are recreations or new characters. Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, liners, nail polish - anything that you bought and just never really used - we'd love to add it to our make-up collections. We're working on a sci-fi calendar for charity - and more make-up would help!

9. Costume Pieces
Anything you don't wear or want to keep around that would be considered a costume piece (old clothing included), I'd love to take off your hands. I love Victorian era clothing, corsets (22" or 24"), bustle skirts, faerie wings, Santa hats - any and all things that you just don't have room for or will never wear again! I can use it as is or recreate it into something totally different.

10. Candy or Chocolate
I love trying new candy and chocolate - especially dark chocolate. I'd love to try some that is regional to your area - not nationally or internationally available.

Thank you so much for reading through my list. And thanks for participating in this awesome community. If you think you can fulfill one of my wishes, send me your list, and I'll do my best to fulfill yours, as well. Perhaps we can become Holiday Card buddies!

My e-mail address (to get my mailing address) is haldira@gmail.com.

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope it's a great end to a wonderful year! ;)



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