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Haldira will kill you!
27 July 1983
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Beth will kill you. mybungalow.blogspot.com for more info. Knowing that mybungalow.blogpsot.com is a religious site and that God is telling me I am going to hell, but in a funny way -- not funny ha-ha, but Sarah knows what I am talking about.

I don't use Blogspot anymore. All LJ, all the time.

I am the Chairperson and CEO of the Non-Profit, Austin Browncoats.

(The Austin Browncoats, founded in 2007, is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt non-profit located in Austin, TX. The Austin Browncoats work to end violence and discrimination in all sectors of society. We place special focus on working alongside young women and children because, given the opportunity and proper education, young women and children can help create a better world for all beings. Much like our passion for the amazing works of Joss Whedon, such as "Firefly", we are passionate about our causes and raising funds for our charities, including Equality Now, SafePlace, Heart House and Emancipet.)

Cast of Characters

Nuclear Family - Sort of.

Nanny - Maternal Grandmother. Born in 1933. Best friend. Tall, dark haired. Extremely smart. Lives in Del Valle.
Poppy - Maternal Grandfather. Born in 1945. Great sense of humor. Beautiful eyes and smile. Warm and charming. Technical and artistic aptitude. Lives in Del Valle.
Nanny Jean - Maternal Great-Grandmother. Born in 1910. Poppy's mother. Best shortbread ever made. Amazing heart. Lived in New York. Deceased.
Mom - Lives in North Carolina. Born in 1964. Strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes. Mother of 6. Extremely smart.
Sarah - Sister. Born in 1991. High School student. Goth. Bisexual. Dark coloring. Lives in New York.
Matt - Brother. Born in 1993. High school student. Ghetto. Into sports. Aryan coloring. Lives in New York.
Uncle Bobby - Uncle. Father figure. Born in 1965. Intelligent. Technically adept. Mechanically inclined. Works for Disney. Has two children. Lives in Florida.
Father A - Father A is the most likely candidate when discussing my biological father. He is dead.
Scott - Married to Mom. Step-dad #2. Lives in North Carolina. Chef. Calls me "Aunt Beth" when talking to my siblings.
Logan - Brother. Born in 2000. Elementary Student. Aryan coloring. Into video games. Lives in North Carolina.
Emily - Sister. Born in 2004. Precocious. Middle child syndrome. Aryan coloring. Gorgeous. Lives in North Carolina.
Alicia - Sister. Born in 2006. Smart. Dark coloring. Likes playing "Tea". Lives in North Carolina.
Mike - Cousin. Son of Uncle Bobby. Father of my God Daughter. Intelligent. Cunning. Lives in New York.
Aunt Sue - Aunt. Born in 1954. Mathematical genius. Technically adept. Awesome sense of humor. President of her company. Lives in Del Valle.
RJ - Ex-Step-Father. Father of Sarah and Matt. Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Lives in New York.
Regina - RJ's Second Wife. Mother of Twins.
Twins - Twin daughters of RJ and Regina. Sisters of Sarah and Matt.

Extended Family

Mary Ellen - Aunt. Lives in Chicago.
Dave - Uncle. Married to Mary Ellen.
Jordan - Cousin. Son of Mary Ellen and Dave.
Janet - Aunt. Lives in Chicago.
Alister - Uncle. Married to Janet.
Roman - Ex-Uncle. Divorced from Janet.
Alex - Cousin. Son of Janet and Roman.
Jillian - Cousin. Daughter of Janet and Alister.
Ryan - Cousin. Son of Janet and Alister.
Robyn - Aunt. Married to Uncle Bobby.
Scott - Cousin. Son of Uncle Bobby and Robyn. Marine.
Ellora - Cousin. Daughter of Uncle Bobby and Robyn.

Close (Best) Friends - Non-Browncoat/RL

Emily - Intelligent. Sarcastic. Sardonic. Witty. Musicophile. Animal lover. Beautiful. Roommate.
Sarah - Beautiful. Witty. Ha-Ha Holocaust. Talented photographer. Creative. Lives in Austin.
Azure - Vivacious. Sarcastic. Intelligent. Driven. Actress. Should be a model. Lives in NYC.
Jenn - Gorgeous. Caring. Intelligent. Warm. Loving. Motherly. Back in Austin.

Austin Browncoats – Key Players

Ryan - Vice-Chair. Resourceful. Multi-tasker. Dedicated. Partner.
Kazia - Secretary. Mommy. Efficient. Dedicated. Beautiful person.
Claudia - Treasurer. Best Friend. Mother. Loyal. Beautiful. Intelligent.
Brooks - Board Member. Hilarious. Costumer. Lesbian Lover. Super Smart.

Austin Browncoats – Other Players

Becky - Member. Assisting with CSTS and BCB. Mother. Talented. Intelligent. Funny.
Craig - Member. Becky's husband. Great sense of humor. Charming. Witty. Kind.
Brenda - Member. Assisting with BCB. Kind. Caring. Great party hostess.
Steve - Member. Claudia's Husband. Tech God. Grille Master. Funny. Great pecs.
Kandace - Member. Helped emcee CSTS. Energetic. Sweet. Pretty.
Cedric - Member. Part of the Bedlam Bards. Paramour of April's. Kind. Hilarious. Charming.
Zee - Member. Tea partner. Sister-friend. Awesome energy. Outgoing family.
Adam - Member. Zee's Husband. Playful. Energetic. Friendly. Outgoing.
Zeek - Member. Geeky. Sweet. Works for IBM.
Roon - Member. Lives in Dallas. 76th Member. Generous. Friendly. Hilarious.
Rican - Member. Lives in Dallas. 76th Member. Awesome. Friendly. Great family.

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